We the People of the State of Wisconsin demand the immediate resignation of Wisconsin Governor Scott K. Walker. Walker mislead the Wisconsin people by running for President after telling Wisconsinites he only intended to serve as our Governor. His failure does not diminish his deceit and did not come without specific cost to all the citizens of Wisconsin.

Walker refused the impoverished Menominee Tribe a casino, threw away 10,000 new jobs, and denied Wisconsin taxpayers the revenue windfall it would have provided.  His refusal of the $220 million pledge from the Menominee’s new casino revenue to build a Milwaukee Bucks Arena stuck Wisconsin taxpayers with the bill to provide corporate welfare to billionaires to employ millionaires.

Walker has mismanaged hundreds of millions of Wisconsin tax dollars through WEDC donor favoritism and failed to follow statute all while continuing to cut investment in public schools and the UW System.

Walker’s budget spends more taxpayer dollars and Wisconsin has highest debt ever recorded in the history of our state.

Walker attacked the Wisconsin Open Records Laws and wants to dismantle the non-partisan Government Accountability Board, returning us to the partisan election board model that birthed the Caucus Scandal.

Scott Walker has continually demonstrated governance towards political gain at the expense of Wisconsin’s citizens. Therefore, We the People of Wisconsin demand Walker’s immediate resignation or We the People make a solemn pledge to take Wisconsin back through any electoral remedy available.