Happy Hump Day! @speakerpelosi tells @realdonaldtrump to postpone #stateoftheunion, or deliver it in writing. Crayons work?

John @NicholsUprising joins us at 3:00 to talk about Trump lack of love for the workers!

#trumpshutdown continues, @VP Pence says ISIS defeated as US troops take casualties in Syria. And Mother Pence will teach art in school that hates gay people.

In Wisconsin, @govevers says will stick medicinal marijuana in budget. Cue pearl clutching from @senfitzgerald and @speakervos. Also, @PPAWI sues to overturn abortion restrictions. Attorney Lester Pines joins us at 4:00 to discuss!

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The Devil's Advocates Radio
The Devil's Advocates Radio
1-16-19 – The Devil’s Advocates – Hour 3