A copy of five-day notice issued to Tony Robinson’s roommate-seeking eviction and $1192.15 bio-hazard clean-up.

Madison landlord Ray A. Peterson is moving to evict Tony Robinson’s roommate and his mother, if they fail to pay restitution of $1192.15 for “bio-hazard clean-up”; for removal of the blood of now deceased Tony Robinson, Jr.

The landlord is also seeking costs to re-rent the unit-1125 Williamson Street-Upper; one of the most stigmatized addresses in the city. A successful judgement would subject Robinson’s friend to all financial liability for rent on the unit until re-rented (or the lease terminates-whichever is sooner).

The case of Robinson, an unarmed, 19 year-old, bi-racial Madison man; shot to death by Madison Police Officer Matt Keeny, on Friday March, 6, 2015, is still under consideration of charges by the office of  Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne.

The landlord at the 1125 Williamson Street-upper two flat, Peterson has issued a five day notice to pay rent or vacate premises-a precursor to eviction under WI law. When reached for comment by the Devil’s Advocates Mike Crute Wednesday evening, Peterson confirmed he was the property owner and manager and that he was responsible for issuance of the five-day notice. When questioned about the whether he felt the financial charges where justified, landlord Ray Peterson said the following:

“Yes, I do think it ($1192.15 for bio-hazard clean-up) is an appropriate legal charge.”

Robinson did not appear on the lease and therefore Peterson feels it appropriate to charge the parties on the lease for the clean-up, which Peterson relates was provided by a third party he “could not remember off the top of his head.”

Anthony M. Limon and his mother, Tamara Herrera, are the leaseholders. Limon was good friend with Robinson-Robinson had a key to the unit.  Limon is described by family friend Craig Spaulding as “traumatized” by his friends shooting. Limon is additionally described as currently unable to work do to his Mental state since Robinson’s death.

Limon has fallen behind $750 (plus a $10 late fee) on rent due on March 21, 2015. The five day notice was issued March 23rd, just two days after rent was due-and seeks both the $750 rent and $1192.15 clean-up of the biohazard from Limon and Herrera.

April 2nd, 2015 is the date where payment is expected by Peterson, or Herrerra and Limon are subject to eviction with an expected court date in 2-3 weeks. At that time eviction may commence immediately upon posting of judgement.

Asked whether it was fair to criticize him for lack of compassion under the circumstances, landlord Peterson said,

“You may be right, maybe we shouldn’t comply with the legal aspects.” Peterson concluded “But I treat everyone the same, we don’t discriminate against anyone.”