The Devil’s Advocates Limited Edition Scout Walker 2016 Butt Plug

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Fernando Sosa –

Madison, WI – The Devil’s Advocates Radio Show commissioned renowned artist Fernando Sosa to produce a unique piece of sculpture – The Devil’s Advocates Limited Edition Scout Walker 2016 Butt Plug!

Sosa has crafted the ultimate insult, a Scott Walker butt plug in an scout uniform complete with detailed merit badges (i.e. unconstitutionally arresting elderly Solidarity Singers in the WI Capitol), featuring Walker’s prominent bald spot, and the Devil’s Advocates Radio show logo on the base (you’re welcome!)

Sosa tells the Devil’s Advocates “I do my best work late at night…and this guy came out really good!”

DAR co-host Mike Crute “I like to think the Scout Walker 2016 butt plug properly honors Walker’s legacy ‘dividing and conquering’ the once great state of Wisconsin.”

“We gladly incurred the expense of hiring Fernando to create this original piece of art so that it can be mass produced affordably.  Get your own Devil’s Advocates Limited Edition Scout Walker 2016 Butt Plug just in time for holiday giving and the Republican Presidential debates,” Crute said.

Co-host Dominic Salvia said “When I see a piece of art like this I am reminded of a quote by Henry J. Kaiser, ‘When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.'”

Artist Fernando Sosa will appear with the Devil’s Advocates Radio today August 5, 2015 at 4:05 CT, streaming at or Iheart Radio – The Progressive Mic 92.1FM

Fernando Sosa’s work may be viewed at

Sosa is marketing the Scout Walker 2016-Devil’s Advocates edition butt-plug for sale at $27.99.

Sosa said, “I hope you guys like it.”

We do Fernando, we do!