Protests and interruptions¬†¬†have twice stopped Sen Scott Fitzgerald’s opening statement. WI State Capitol Police removed two protestors in succession as they interrupted and were arrested in sequence.

Labor activist Randy Bryce later told DAR he was not arrested. Bryce did confirm he was the first to interrupt Fitzgerald.

Wisconsin Senate has taken up an extraordinary session in anticipating a vote on Right-to-Work this afternoon, after R-Senator Steve Nass brought a public hearing on RTW to an early and contentious close last night. The muffled chants and taunts of hundreds of labor “protestors” in the Capitol can be heard from the floor as the Senate comes to order.

Democratic Senators would not commit to a specific number of amendments to be offered at a Senate Parlor press conference earlier this morning. Sen John Erpanbach joked that Dems only have “60-70 amendments in mind so far.”

Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Schilling assured that Dems would be “respectful” of the process.