Crute is back in action from his wine mixer in Catalina, and what a day for local news! Both Gableman AND Janel Brandtjen are under fire? It’s a happy Friday on the Devils!

To start, remember Adam Steen? That guy who tried to primary Vos in 2022? Well, his campaign may have violated campaign finance laws, thanks to the handy work of Rep. Brandtjen and Donald Trump’s own fundraising committee. Talk about election rigging! They love to talk about rigging elections, I suppose it only makes sense that they’d dip their toes in the water. I hope it was worth it for that Toss Vos event… Maggie Daun, host of the Maggie Daun show (soon to air on the Civic Media network 2-4CT…) joins the show to break it down.

You know who else is in hot water? Disgraced former state Supreme Court Justice and election-fraud investigator Michael Gableman! Turns out, he did break open record laws. Republican leaders even admit it! I guess that’s what happens when you do all your work at the library…

Oh, and Crute’s back from the leftist coast, and shares his stories about how he was tricked into climbing a mountain.

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Guest: Maggie Daun

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