Firebrand, pundit, and recently-married man Scot Ross joins the Devils to break down the Super Tuesday results. Haley is out! Phillips is out! 2020 part two is on! Ross has it all covered, and even makes us remember that terrible Scott Walker…

On the Biden front, Ross says that Wisconsin should be a slam dunk for the President. Biden has been winning races in Wisconsin that he’s not even in, with Evers and Protasiewicz, so when he’s actually on the ballot in November, it should be no problem. He just has to actually listen to the people protesting his handling of Israel/Gaza, like the ones who were in Madison today protesting Kamala Harris.

But the big news today – Super Tuesday! Steve Kornacki helped Crute figure out what was happening last night, and he has just one thing to say about his broadcast: where’s the khakis?? But Biden lost American Samoa to some nobody! Jason Palmer is the guy, and hey, at least he got on MSNBC! But the Dean Phillips and Nikki Haley experiments are over, to nobody’s surprise. At least Phillips endorsed Biden on the way out, and Haley didn’t endorse anyone.

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Guest: Scot Ross

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