Crute’s still out til the end of the week, but Dom has reason to celebrate. More people came out to vote in yesterday’s primary in Milwaukee than they did in Dane County! 11.5% came out in Milwaukee, to Dane County’s 7.9%. Now, Milwaukee had a mayoral primary, and Dane County voters had a few county board seats, but still! Milwaukee on the map!

Officials with the RNC have announced where the security will be stationed later this summer, and it’s right outside Dom’s studio! He’ll be just blocks away, and while it’ll be great for covering the circus that will be the RNC, he’s not stoked about the Nazi’s that’ll be running around his own stomping grounds.

Angela Lang with BLOC joins the Devil’s to talk about WEC Commissioner and false elector Robert Spindell. He claims that nobody has done more for the Black community than him! Lang disagrees, and says that he needs to go. She has one message for Republicans: FIRE BOB!

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Guest: Angela Lang

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Fire Bob!