Just as Dom and Crute get together for the second hour of the show, the US Supreme Court announce that they’re ready to take up arguments about whether or not Trump has absolute immunity. It will take about eight weeks for the court to even hear oral arguments on the case, which means that, if they do happen to rule before the November election, it won’t be until right up until it’s too late.

Mitch McConnell is on his way out of Senate leadership, and the turtle is on his way out. Crute’s theory? He just doesn’t want to deal with Trump. No, McConnell says, he just wants to spend more time with family! At a big farm upstate, with lots of room to run around and be free.

RoJos been talking on the Foxy News again, and you know it’s bad when even they will question his lies. This time it’s about the Hunter Biden. All they want to know is, what exactly are they upset with him about? Pro tip Ron, if you’re going to run around lying all the time, you should learn not to stutter ever time you do it…

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Bye Mitch!