Happy Hump Day!

Will @realdonaldtrump ever sit with Mueller? Why would he? Surely his mandate from the #motherland #russia is to wreak havoc on our institutions?

A Republican Congressman indicted for insider trading? Shocking I tell ya! Have you ever seen “Trading Places”?

Election results, Lefty Dems vs Moderate Dems, Blue Wave?

Oh, have I ever mentioned weed should be legal?

And YOUR calls here at 844-967-2789!

(Unless we dont take your calls, which is our choice as your freedom of speech is protection against the Government censoring or punishing you, not protection from the Greatest Radio Show EVER hanging up on your ass! JK – You know we take all callers, but better bring your A game!)






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Show Podcasts
8-8-18 – The Devil’s Advocates – Hour 1