Happy Hump Day! @realdonaldtrump ‘asks’ or ‘implies’ or ‘opines’ or ‘wishes’ Sessions end the Mueller probe. What you think @GOP? You too far into #russia‘s pockets to do the right thing? #dems and former #cia take issue.

At weird rally, GOP leader Trump says you need IDs to buy groceries.. and Sarah Huckabee Sanders..agrees! and WTF is QAnon?

Also, day 2 of the Manafort trial..who was treated worse, Paul or Scarface?

Trump makes 4,229 false/misleading claims in 558 days, 7.6 per day!

In Wisco, Evers on budget, @politifact on Mahlon Mitchell and acting MKE Sheriff Richard Schmidt’s academic history, comments on the End Timies, European Union, the Anti-Christ..but what about the important issues like bird scooters?

And your calls welcome on the party line, talk or text toll free @ 844-967-2789!!








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