Happy Monday! @govevers declares State of Emergency, but unlike @realdonaldtrump threatens, it is not for a #wall, but because of winter storm, extreme wind chills! Be safe out there!

@politifact gives Evers “Full Flop” on ACA lawsuit, @speakervos, @wisgop have #reefermadness, we will edify on proper cannabis etiquette!

Big business opportunity in Venezuela says John Bolton, and Trump likes bible study in public schools, and #wall loss hangover causes some dissension in the ranks of the conservatives.

Does independent bid give 2020 to Trump? Former @starbucks CEO Howard Schultz considering run.

Tune in, cuddle up to the speaker, pour drink, light a doobie, and join the political party at 844-967-2789!

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1-28-19 – The Devil’s Advocates – Hour 3