Mike Crute

Mike grew up in Madison, the son of a dynamic, liberal mother; who acted as an unpaid lobbyist for the state of Wisconsin foster parent association. Mike and his brother ran the halls of the state Capital building as children and dined on egg salad sandwiches in the basement cafeteria. His mother cajoled lawmakers and pushed legislation to law under Governor Schreiber to offer foster parents a fairer compensation level for the care they provided children.

Mike created and produced a live call-in show for cable, worked for ABC-WXOW reporting and in the news room, during college and after graduating from UW-La Crosse.

When the student loans kicked in, he sold out his passion for broadcast and pursued financial stability in mortgage lending and sales management for a decade. Mike later opted for self-employment about the time his eldest son Kadin was diagnosed with Autism in 2005.

When his prior insurance lapsed, Mike realized with his son’s pre-existing condition, he could no longer insure his family.

Mike’s family’s circumstance drew the attention of then Governor Jim Doyle, his family met with the Governor at their home. Mike began recounting his son’s story and making speaking appearances with Governor Doyle on behalf of families affected by autism. Governor Doyle pushed for mandated insurance coverage and after two years of corporate obstruction, signed legislation that offered a lifeline to thousands of Wisconsin families affected by autism.

Mike once again found his progressive voice and reactivated his passion for broadcast by joining close friend Dominic Salvia in their daily production of “The Devil’s Advocates”. Kadin also found his voice and has become one of the best spellers in his second grade class.

Dominic Salvia

Dominic grew up in the Wisconsin countryside and passed the time working on his neighbor’s dairy farm. It was this experience that molded his work ethic and allowed him from then on to tell everyone he met how he used to get up at 5:00 AM every day and milk the cows!

After high school, he attended the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse and received his BS in Marketing. It was during this college experience he met Mike Crute and started to engage in the political and philosophical discussions that have continued over the past 25 years and are the basis for the radio show.

After graduation, Dominic moved to metro Detroit to attend graduate school at Oakland University where he earned his MBA. Since then he has held positions in various industries including construction, staffing, real estate and financial services.

A self described social liberal and fiscal conservative, Dominic has been at odds with many tenets of the two main political parties.

Dominic resides in metro Milwaukee, WI with his wife Steph, two kids, Adler and Izzy, and their fat cat Penny.